Meet the Team

Dru Steubing
Vice President of Project Development, Apex Clean Energy

Dru is responsible for project development, primarily in the Texas coast area. Prior to joining Apex Clean Energy, Dru gained over 15 years of wind experience as a consulting partner with Texas Wind Group, LP, developing wind projects in South Texas and managing construction of wind farms across the United States.

Previously, Dru was part of the start-up Signal Energy, where he took projects from the development stage through engineering, procurement, and construction. Dru also spent time with Zachry as a project engineer, where he oversaw the balance of plant for West Texas wind farms under Enron Wind. He went on to form his own civil construction company, specializing in wind turbine foundations and heavy civil construction. Dru graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in construction science and a minor in business administration.

Todd Ormsby
Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Todd Ormsby is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in project management and leadership roles. As the Senior Development Manager at Apex Clean Energy, Todd brings his expertise to the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.

Before joining the Apex team, Todd served as the President of Enable Tech Manufacturing, where he specialized in designing and manufacturing specialty tubing for critical applications in the oil and gas industry and military sectors. His leadership and innovation played a pivotal role in the company's success.

A proud alumnus of Texas A&M University, Todd's education laid the groundwork for his impressive career. Born and raised in Texas, he is deeply rooted in the Lone Star State's hard work and dedication values.

Beyond his professional achievements, Todd's passions extend to the great outdoors. He finds solace in the open wilderness, often indulging in hunting and fishing adventures. Todd is also a dedicated father, actively coaching his son in baseball and football, instilling in him the values of teamwork and perseverance.

With a proven track record of excellence in both business and outdoor pursuits, Todd Ormsby embodies the spirit of Texas, where hard work, dedication, and a love for the outdoors are central to his identity.

Tim Teagarden
Land Acquisition Specialist, Apex Clean Energy

Tim Teagarden is a dedicated Land Acquisition Specialist at Apex Clean Energy, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. With a background spanning several years in the oil and gas industry, Tim is an expert in land acquisition and management.

Tim lives in Water Valley, Texas, where he goes beyond his professional responsibilities by actively participating in local governance as an elected school board official. He’s also a committed family man who—when he’s not spending time with his wife and kids—devotes his time to coaching youth football and baseball, instilling valuable life skills in young athletes. An avid fisherman, he occasionally doubles as a local lake guide, sharing his passion for the outdoors with others.

Tim is driven by opportunities to improve the lives of his fellow residents and to make the world a better place for everyone, especially his children. Notably, Tim is also a landowner in Apex’s Aviator Project, a testament to his dedication to sustainable and clean energy solutions, including in his own community.

Anna Richey
Public Engagement Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Anna Richey is the Public Engagement Manager for Big Trail Wind. Anna’s career has included managing local, state, and federal campaigns, and working in and around government for the better part of two decades. Before joining Apex in 2021, she worked in the nonprofit sector, leading energy policy development in rural Minnesota. This experience solidified a passion for clean energy and how it can contribute to the stability and revitalization of rural areas, particularly. Now, she oversees Apex’s community outreach efforts in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas. When she’s not working, she enjoys fishing Minnesota’s abundant lakes and rivers.

Seth Stokes
Field Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Seth Stokes is the Public Engagement Field Manager for Big Trail Energy. Seth's background includes working in clean energy sales and policy on the state and national level. He is passionate about advancing clean energy projects that bring economic development to rural communities and promotes energy independence in Texas and Oklahoma. Alongside his professional pursuits, Seth enjoys small game and bird hunting in West Texas and New Mexico.